Meet Your New Family

Who we are:

Spaceship Family Alliance is a group of Eve Online players that believe this game is best played with a space family. We treat each other as brothers and sisters working to grow our family and build generational strength for the Alliance.

We currently operate in NPC Null Sec space with a singular focus on taking space to call our own. We are blue to no one and as a new Alliance offer plenty of opportunity for you to make a mark in Eve’s history. Will you be our most famous Strat FC? Will you be the legendary scout that future generations of Spaceship Family Alliance tells stories of? Or will you start our expeditionary force SIG?

The founding corporation of Spaceship Family Alliance, DadTZ, is currently in open recruitment for pilots of all experience levels. To learn more please check out our Become A Family Member Today page.

What we offer:

  • An Opportunity to Build Something – You are not joining an established null sec bloc who is blue to half the map. With us you have an opportunity to directly contribute to the future of this Alliance. We want to build a home, to take space from someone and call it our own. This is not easy mode. 
  • Mentorship and Guidance – Whether you are just returning to the game or starting new with a free account we will provide 1:1 assistance as any family member would. We have members who have played since Eve opened with vast experience in all areas of the game to give you that expert guidance.
  • A Close Knit Community – There is a reason Family is in our name – it is at our very core. The belief that the space family we build in this game is the most valuable achievement any of us could ever hope for.
  • A Relaxed Environment – Just as much as we stress our own sense of family, we recognize that nothing will ever take priority over your real life commitments. There are no minimum fleets every month or forced ops that you must cancel your dinner date for. Spaceships are serious business but we still treat this as a game when compared to our lives outside the monitor you’re using. 
  • Full Ship Replacement Program – All Alliance and Corp fleets offer full ship replacement options so you don’t lose money PVP’ing with us.
  • Daily PVP Content – While we are open to all Eve playstyles our focus is PVP and we offer daily content to our family in a target rich environment.
  • Lucrative ISK Opportunities – Not only do you get the benefits of null sec space for ISK making we also stage out of one of the most profitable mission hubs for burner missions. Whether you enjoy exploration, moon mining, anom ratting, mission running or ESS raiding we offer it all.
  • Alliance Buyback – We offer a full buyback on all items so you can get your ISK when you need. No need to wait days for shipping your goods to market to sell. 
  • Alliance Logistics – Whatever you may need moved the alliance offers moving services below market rates to ensure you have the tools you need, when you need them.
  • Top End IT Services – We offer the latest tools and services outside of Eve to help you stay connected with your new space family. We provide Discord, Teamspeak, SeAT auth and SRP automation.
  • Dad Jokes – What concert costs just 45 cents? 50 Cent featuring Nickelback!

What we are looking for:

  • Desire to treat your community as family – This is core to our belief system. We are a space family and we treat each other as we would treat our parents, our children, our brothers and our sisters.
  • Desire to learn – Not a single one of us has all of the answers, we ask you keep an open mind and express a desire to learn and grow with us all. For old Eve vets you will always hear that their favorite thing is helping newbros because it reminds them of all the joys this game offers. We believe that to be true and ask you that you always keep the questions coming!
  • Skill Points or Account Status – We have no requirements on SP or account status. We are happy to have alpha accounts join us and have no requirements on skill points. Family does not judge your worth on your height or arm length and neither do we. 
  • Dad Jokes – Because who doesn’t like a dad joke? don’t